No one is immune from disputes that may degenerate over time: quarrels with neighbours;
personal conflicts; concerns about noise, theft, threats, etc. Many municipalities (see the Request
Our Services
section for a full list) have decided to tackle these problems head-on by using the
services of Médiation Conciliation de Quartier des Laurentides. Whether you’re an individual citizen,
an association or a small business, if your municipality is one of our partner communities, you can take advantage of our easily accessible, confidential, entirely free service for preventing, managing and resolving disruptive situations.

A Different Way to Settle Your Differences
It’s not easy to peacefully put an end to a dispute or re-establish a line of communication that has
broken down or deteriorated. That’s why it’s important to have a team specifically trained in mediation and conflict resolution, whose mission is to facilitate the exchange of views, to help overcome
deadlocks and to assist the involved parties in the process of working together to find solutions that satisfy all concerned.

Consultation, Organization, Education and Mediation

There are many ways to prevent, avoid or resolve conflicts. However, the most important thing is not
to wait until relations become so strained that you have no choice but to go to court.

Citizen Testimonials
Without mediation, I would have remained helpless. I was overwhelmed.” – “I appreciate the speed with which the mediators helped to resolve the conflict.” – “We clarified the problem according to our respective interests.” – “I came to realize that, in the end, she and I get along!” – “It enabled us to get to know each other better and to better understand the cause of the conflict.” – “I obtained compensation without needing to undertake legal proceedings."

Just Pick Up the Phone
If you’re faced with a situation that seems problematic, call us at 450-436-6749 or write to

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