This penal justice program allows youth aged 12 to 17 who have been arrested to offer reparation
for their actions directly to the victim or via a symbolic gesture toward their community. They can
also make amends by taking part in activities that develop their social skills (building self-esteem, improving communication skills, overcoming addiction, etc.).

This program, from which our organization started, is part of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA).
This act prescribes three types of outcomes relating to our work: extrajudicial measures,
extrajudicial sanctions
and judicial sanctions. Mesures Alternatives des Vallées du Nord also
oversees reparation work by virtue of the Quebec Code of Penal Procedure (provincial and municipal law). The following table explains the various applications of the Act.

Youth Criminal Justice Act

If you are the victim of an offence committed by an adolescent aged 12 to 17, the Youth Criminal
Justice Act also covers your rights and needs. In particular, it recognizes your right to information
with respect to procedures and decisions and may take into account your point of view with regard
to the incident that occurred. You may therefore receive a letter or phone call from us in order to
obtain information needed to deal with the case.

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